Storm Tank is a ressurized stainless steel tank of 9 and 18 Lt. supplied with 4mt expanded polyurethane hose and professional nozzle with nozzle dedicated to the application of adhesive materials.
Designed to be durable, durable and portable, it has a large removable lid perfect for loading the application liquid, for emptying and cleaning.
It is equipped with a quick coupling for connection to an air compressor (of any type – even 12V) and is equipped with a calibrated safety valve (8 bar).
A single charge of air, at the operating pressure, will allow the sprayer to be emptied completely.
The integrated safety valve ensures that the sprinklers can not be over-pressurized.
No more continuous interruptions of work to (“pump”) put pressure on the manual plastic tanks, characterized by too low operating pressures, fragile plastic structures and reduced capacities.


Storm tank "18TWIN"

STORM TANK “18TWIN” was created to allow the simultaneous use of the 18L pressure tank by two operators!
A new version dedicated to those who install, with their colleague, PPF films, fi windows tint or solar film / windows film. From today both applicators will be able to be independent in managing and disposing of the application liquid while using a single tank. The “TWIN” version is reserved for the large tank, the 18 liter one, so as to guarantee both users a quantity of liquid sufficient to avoid continuous interruptions. STORM TANK “18TWIN” is perfectly compatible with the new STORM TREK, the mobile support of OXY TOOLS, created to easily accommodate and move the tanks, hook the trigger jet and store the tools necessary for liquid applications. The advantages of using STORM TANK “18TWIN” are many: the two lances can be equipped with two different nozzles (one cone and one cut – excellent for windows film), makes the two applicators independent and autonomous, improves application dynamics, increases the quality of work, reduces work times, it reduces the investment compared to the purchase of double tanks, both applicators work with the same liquid and therefore with the same mix water/soap! Storm Tank TWIN is delivered with 5 mt polyurethane hose, lance and adjustable cone nozzle. Available as accessories 7 and 10 m hoses, trigger jet Clack System.





The brand new Clack System, by Oxy Tools, magnetic hooking system will allow you to hook and unhook your sprayer in a convenient and immediate way to your clothes or tool bag.
The OXY lance, suitably modified and equipped with special rubber-coated magnets on both sides, allows correct coupling to right-handed and left-handed, regardless of whether they prefer to work with the lever upwards or downwards.
The use of the Hulk magnet, characterized by a high bi-facial attraction, guarantees the right coupling force.
Clack System solves the problems related to the positioning of the lance in the application phase.
The operator will always have the sprayer close at hand with a convenient and immediate
“attack and detach”. Clack System is designed for all applications where Storm Tank is used as Windows Fim, Auto Window Tint, PPF Anti-stone Protective Films, Detailing, Car Care, and more.