A new tools designed and developed for PPF and window tint.

Simple and functional, consisting of a mobile base with slots for two Storm Tanks (9 or 18 L.) and two baskets, convenient for storing micro-fiber cloths or sprayers (3 for each basket).
The 2-meter rod houses the movable supports, useful for storing sqeegee, cutters and for attaching sprays.
The structure is completed with the two horizontal arms constrained to the upper end of the rod, necessary to support the pipes and lances.
With the Oxy Clack System, the lances are magnetically hooked to the 4 plates (2 at the ends of the two upper arms and two on the mobile supports), this guarantees an immediate and safe release / coupling.
Storm Trek is fully adjustable and adaptable to your needs, heights and activities, thanks to the possibility of moving and sliding all the elements in the profile guides.
Storm Trek, equipped with a muti-electric socket (for outdoor use) and a LED light, guarantees perfect lighting and power supply for OXY heat gun Typhoon.

Storm Trek: everything easier!

Weight and dimensions:

    • 6kg
    • 60x60x205 cm

Components present in the box:

  • x1 Support base with accessories
  • x2 Mobile supports with plate
  • x2 White glasses
  • x2 Black bins
  • x1 2000 mm aluminum bar – equipped
  • x2 300 mm aluminum bar – equipped
  • x12 Velcro straps




Storm Trek