Oxy Tools was created to develop and commercialize professional equipment designed for the application of adhesive films.


The evolution of materials, application techniques, quality standards and new markets requires a similar and proportional improvement of the tools useful for the correct execution of the decorations.


The ideas, intuitions and concepts that are at the base of the Oxy Tools product come from the multi-decade experience of professional applicators and their everyday life.


Oxy Tools is also the selection and research of products and accessories assigned to the application activity.
The slogan "Enjoy your wrapping" wants to underline the importance of working with pleasure and satisfaction also thanks to all the commitment of equipment offered and specific.

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Maniac by Oxy Tools is a wheel cover system that will protect your tires and it’s available in two sizes so as to always stay close to the wheels, from the small car to the SUV up to the Super Car. An extremely functional tool that highlights the attention to professionalism reached by those who use it.



Modulo by Oxy Tools is a mobile support capable of being functional to different activities thanks to its modularity obtainable by mounting and removing specific accessories.



Smart Belt is the adhesive profiles by Oxy Tools that are applied on the sqeegee have the purpose of increasing the slipperiness of the same, preserving the film and ensuring adequate sensitivity and the right feeling for the applicator.

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