The Cutting Tool that will revolutionize the way you work!

After 4 years Quadra is updated with version 2.0 characterized by an evolution that has involved 3
fundamental aspects: optimization of the production process, refinement dynamics use and
improvement of the precision of the cutting dimensions. The OXY cutter, characterized by a
mechanical / manual use, remains independent from the electrical network, capable of cutting and
managing all adhesive materials and maintains a limited weight that makes it easily transportable,
3 characteristics that had to be maintained. It improves on a structural level, in the smoothness of
the elements and in the precision of the cuts thanks to the interventions listed below:

  • Modified aluminum extrusions
  • Handle-wheel inversion for better balance
  • Re-design of the supports / driving plates with double axial bearing insertion
  • Re-design of movable supports / plates with PTE sliding plate insertion
  • Digital meter counter “DIGITO” for a reading of the development of the material with millimeter precision (accessory)
  • Engraving of logos and writings with laser (elimination of stickers)
  • Support for paper tape widened to 25mm
  • Components update
  • RH and LH longitudinal cutting sliders to reduce the minimum cutting distance between the blades to 10mm
  • Film invitation on the cutting table with curved aluminum profile
  • Possibility of inserting the graduated bar with double scale mm / inch
  • Insertion and removal of cutting sliders without disassembly

All the changes and interventions carried out arise from the experience and continuous use of Quadra in the various conditions, uses and activities, carried out all over the world.
Thanks to all those who purchased QUADRA and who shared tips and advice that were valuable results for the development activity.

Dimensioni QUADRA 160 QUADRA 190
Lunghezza 170 cm x Larghezza 42 cm x Altezza 30 cm. Lunghezza 200 cm x Larghezza 42 cm x Altezza 30 cm. SCHEDA TECNICA


Square 2.0 meter counter accessory

DIGITO is an electronic meter counter, developed for the QUADRA cutter, capable of millimetric readings with mm / inch conversion. Equipped with a display and digital buttons, it is powered by a battery capable of a duration of 4 years. Dimensions comparable with the mechanical version, resistant steel structure, uses the same coupling present on the QUADRA brake bar so as to be perfectly interchangeable when needed. DIGITO allows a reading of the longitudinal development of the materials in mm by improving the reading in cm (with deviation) of the mechanical meter. It will be the user who will evaluate the opportunity and the need to use the digital meter continuously or only for some specific application activities.
An example?
The use of QUADRA for the fractionation of film sheets intended for Car Wrapping is largely guaranteed by the mechanical counter supplied with the cutter.
The replacement of the mechanical counter with DIGITO is recommended for the fractionation of a polyester safety film and in general for the activities carried out in the Windows Film sector.



Quadra 2.0



Digito Settings