After the important evolution of 2022, Quadra 2.0 is updated with the 2024 version. A technical, functional and practical update. We have decided to equip all cutters with the DIGITO electronic meter counter, an essential tool for guaranteeing high precision of cutting dimensions. The only thing remaining is the supply of the plate dedicated to mechanical meter counters.

The 2024 upgrade includes new packaging, smaller, more practical and better organised. The reduction in overall dimensions, useful for the logistical aspect, was achieved thanks to the dismantling of the support plates. These, together with the wheels and rubber pads, are elements that the customer will assemble independently guided by the practical assembly manual. This solution eliminates the possibility that during transport and handling, sometimes careless, the plates could be damaged by impacts and blows. A new, more resistant hoarded paint, new driving plates, silk-screened and laser-engraved logos and writings and many other refinements have improved the cutting dynamics and use of the OXYTOOLS cutter.

Below are all the updates for the 2024 version:

  • New packaging
  • Machine supplied with fixed and mobile plates, wheels and feet to be assembled
  • All components are packaged individually and divided into 3 boxes with a structural function for the packaging.
  • OXY TOOLS logo, on the side covers, silk-screened in white
  • White graduated mm and inch scale
  • Sheet metal plates with opening to check the amount of residual material
  • Corrugated powder coating (greater strength and durability)
  • Left and right countersink for inserting and disengaging cutting sliders from both sides
  • Flaring on casing for insertion and disconnection of mobile plates
  • Supply of 5 2mm thick discs to compensate for film-tube misalignment
  • Supply of 58° lamellar pack for longitudinal cutting sliders and circular blade (already mounted) on the transversal slider.
  • Digito assembled with new wheels with improved grip
  • Improved kinematics

QUADRA remains characterized by mechanical/manual use, independent of the electricity grid, capable of cutting and managing all adhesive materials and maintaining a limited weight which makes it easily transportable, 3 characteristics that had to be maintained.

All the modifications and interventions carried out arise from the experience and continuous use of QUADRA in different conditions, uses and activities carried out all over the world. Thanks to all those who purchased QUADRA and who shared suggestions and advice that were invaluable for the development activity.

Watch the video and contact us for any doubts or questions!

We will be happy to answer you and in case of doubts or problems, we can organize a practical demonstration online!

Be careful, if you start using QUADRA you will become addicted to it!!!

DimensioniQUADRA 160QUADRA 190
Lunghezza 170 cm x Larghezza 42 cm x Altezza 30 cm.Lunghezza 200 cm x Larghezza 42 cm x Altezza 30 cm.SCHEDA TECNICA


Square 2.0 meter counter accessory

DIGITO is an electronic meter counter developed for QUADRA, capable of millimetric readings with mm/inch conversion. Equipped with a display and digital buttons, it is powered by a battery capable of lasting 4 years. DIGITO is always on!

The ½ AA size battery, 3.6Volts (lithium-chloride), is easily available and replaceable.
The choice to equip all QUADRA with DIGITO stems from the desire to always guarantee certain cutting quotas. DIGITO allows you to perform the relative count: single cutting quote + overall cutting quote, allowing the operator to know how much material has been cut.

For some activities, the operator will be attentive to the millimeter, see windows film, for other activities such as car wrapping, the attention will be paid to the centimeters. There remains the possibility of adjusting the precision of the reading according to needs.

What wheels does your Quadra have?

The 2024 version features grooved wheels, these have a slightly larger circumference than the smooth ones, so the development in millimeters to be inserted in the setting phase goes from 333.5 to 334.9!

See assembly manual and technical manual!



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