Car Wrapping, PPF, Windows Tint, Car Care and more, are all activities that require maximum cleanliness of the car and the environment in which you operate. There are parts of the vehicle that are not easy to clean and characterized by extremely fine and volatile impurities, which are very harmful. Tire, rim wheel , wheel hub, discs and brake calipers, probably represent the most saturated parts of impurities. A good wash can remove the soil present in the area but it cannot remove the ferodo powder, often responsible for the dirty spots we find under the films. Do not overlook the problems deriving from the presence of polishing products (“oil black rubber”) on the carcasses of the tires. For these reasons, the “MANIAC” wheel cover by OXY TOOLS is born! Available in two sizes so as to always stay close to the wheels, from the small car to the SUV up to the Super Car. An extremely functional tool that highlights the attention to professionalism reached by those who use it. Basically we are all a bit MANIACS with our work !!! 

MANIAC Size “L”: suitable for wheels from 14“ to 17″
MANIAC Size “XL“: suitable for wheels from 18“ to 21”