Typhoon P-600


TYPHOON is the OXY TOOLS phon! A new thermo-gun with features and functions dedicated to the world of wrapping!
At the base I always have the same concept: creating professional equipment developed specifically for the application activity of adhesive films.
A product born from the white sheet characterized by technical solutions designed for professional use!
The result? The first thermo-gun designed by a wrapper for wrappers!


750g! A featherweight for the sector and for the technical characteristics of the product


You will feel it immediately! optimal weight distribution for high comfort and a fatigue reduction


High quality internal thermal device capable of generating a minimum temperature of 80 ° C and a maximum of 600 ° C, adjustable with a manual potentiometer.

Electrical cable:

With a 5m cable we will have the freedom of movement always sought.


The handle and the areas dedicated to the phone support are coated with a special rubber capable of creating the right grip even when we wear our Revolution gloves, which are often too performing when used with traditional hairdryers.

Nozzle Protection:

A truly effective nozzle protection with very small dimensions and made with a dedicated polymer. No more skin burns and damage to clothing and films!

Air intake:

A suction system that allows the Wrapper to hold the hair dryer with its legs (a habit shared by all or almost all) avoiding plugging the suction and compromising the hair dryer itself.