The adhesive profiles that are applied on the sqeegee have the purpose of increasing the slipperiness of the same, preserving the film and ensuring adequate sensitivity and the right feeling for the applicator.
The evolution of the films and the different application activities, require a careful and technical research of the “fabrics” suitable to guarantee all this.

Rocket 1


Rocket1” is OXY’s first “Feltre”, and is the result of countless trials and tests of as many products.
Among all the most suitable one was found to cover a wide use for the different materials (PVC, Polyester and PU) in conditions of dry and wet applications.
The idea of a material with high flowability, adequate resistance to abrasion but in particular with a low thickness is aimed at using it in a single or double layer!
The sqeegee mix, harder and softer, wet or dry application and single or double felt pad allows the use of “Rocket1” in the various application activities, guaranteeing optimal performance.

“Rocket1” is available in the “Candy” punched version or in the roll version with a height of 5 cm.
In order to suggest the correct use of “Rocket1“, the following table was compiled:

download the "tips for use" table


Rocket 2


Rocket2“, a new stripes of OXY dedicated to applications of adhesive materials on flat and curved surfaces.
A material that, as for the “Rocket1“, guarantees a slipperiness and an optimal smoothness, coupled to a soft layer capable of attenuating the direct contact between the squeegee and the application surface.
With this soft felt pad the pressure of the squeegee is more homogeneous on the whole surface avoiding excessive and localized pressure points, therefore dangerous for the damage of the film.

The mix obtained by combining the “Rocket2” felt with the different stiffnesses of the spatulas on the market, allows all wrappers to find the optimal solution and feeling in the different applications, dry as wet.

Available in candy version and in 5 cm high roll. 

download the "tips for use" table