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JANGO combines two products: work trousers + tools pouch!

A technical and resistant trousers with special velcro areas useful for attaching and arranging tools according to personal habits and needs.
The 8 different accessories supplied allow you to position the tools on the trousers according to the activity and posture required for a particular job.
What accessories to use, how to arrange them and at what angle will be an operation to be repeated before starting a new job. Each wrappers will organize the tools according to the activity: PPF, car wrapping, windows film , windows tint, etc.
The trousers are constructed with a highly resistant Nylon fabric, characterized by a crisscross weaving, capable of limiting the propagation of cuts and tears.
Large portions of CORDURA fabric on the knees and buttocks to give maximum strength, protection and durability to the areas most stressed and statistically most subject to wear.
Shaped pockets for kneepads profiled in double density foam guarantee protection and comfort to the knees. Three Velcro adjustments on the waist, knees and ankles useful to perfectly adapt the size chosen to
your physicality. This adjustment system allows the choice of a higher size, to have more “comfortable” trousers and greater agility in movements, guaranteeing a perfect fit without annoying abundance.
JANGO is a high visibility trousers thanks to reflective elements present on all profiles and seams in the front, side and rear areas.
Hidden buttons and no seams preserve the application surfaces.
Comfort and ventilation are guaranteed by the zippered openings in the inner-thigh area and by the possibility of removing the leg under the knees JANGO is available in sizes: S – M – L – XL – XXL according to international tables.

Sizes Available







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Jango Pants accessories

JANGO is delivered with the foam protectors already inserted in the pockets of the
knee pads and with 8 accessories dedicated to the most common application tools:

  • Accessory 1: LARGE POCKET – replicates the large pocket of a normal wrapping bag
  • Accessory 2: SMALL POCKET – ideal for 10 cm spatulas
  • Accessory 3: CUTTER HOLDER 1 – with open elastic bands
  • Accessory 4: CUTTER HOLDER 2 – with elastic bands closed towards the bottom
  • Accessory 5: RACK HOLDER – suitable for pulling water, squeegees and sprayers
  • Accessory 6: MAGNETIC BAND – perfect for attaching OXY HULK magnets or cutters
  • Accessory 7: PIN HOLDER – with flat rubber bands to house OXY Pins or other “wand” tools
  • Accessory 8: PHONE HOLDER with pen holder
  • Accessory 9: NSERTI KNEE PADS – Molded dual density foam protectors for the knees