OXY TOOLS was born from the experience of the applicators and their professional career.
Almost all of the wrappers, currently operational, have acquired their first technical, theoretical and practical notions and information, attending specialized training courses.
The evolution of materials, application techniques, a constantly growing market, the need for operators with high and diversified skills, require an organized and planned training course as well as constant updating over time.
The development and marketing of dedicated equipment is something recent, which however has had immediate feedback in the sector. It remains a highly artisanal job, requiring little equipment but more and more specific. Professional training must present and allow the use of innovative equipment capable of improving application dynamics, reducing timing and optimizing materials.
OXY TOOLS follows with great interest all the training centers in the sector, national and international, with the aim of activating technical / commercial collaborations.


The following form is dedicated to the training centers of the sector concerned.

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