OXY TOOLS is born from the experience of the applicators and their professional path.
Almost all the wrappers, now operative, have acquired the first notions and technical, theoretical and practical information, attending specialized training courses.
The evolution of materials and application techniques, require an initial training path as well as a constant updating throughout the career.
The development and marketing of dedicated equipment, is something recent, but has had immediate feedback in the sector.
It remains a highly crafted work, in need of little equipment but more and more specific.
For these reasons OXY TOOLS is the technical sponsor of the Wrap & Decor School, the first Italian wrapping school, able to train over 2,000 professionals in its first 6 years of activity.
OXY TOOLS follows with great interest all the training centers of the sector, national and foreign,
with the objective of being able to activate similar technical and commercial collaborations.


The following form is dedicated to the training centers of the sector concerned.

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